A new Trend in Lottery: Bitcoin Lotto

Have you ever heard about Bitcoin Lotto? I guess not. If you are someone who is into the online lottery, then this is something that you should wrap your heads around.

What is Bitcoin Lotto? Well, we have all accustomed to the fact what lotto is and as the name suggests Bitcoin Lottois an online lottery game where you get the opportunity to win above $4,500 free Bitcoins every week. Sounds great, right?


I this 21st century we all know how powerful Bitcoin is as a digital cryptocurrency. And when you get the chance to win free $4,500 BTC every week, how empowering it would be!

FreeBitco.in has brought this opportunity to the world where the online lotto players get the chance to win unlimited Bitcoins. Now how to participate in this game? Well, participation in this game is really easy. You need to collect online lottery tickets to participate. This online lotto game is hosted by FreeBitco.in every Monday and it ends on the following Sunday.

How do you get hold of those lottery tickets? Well, it is really simple. First and foremost you can visit the Free BTC page on the FreeBitco.in the website where you get freeroll and you get the chance to win 2 tickets every roll. You can also earn lotto tickets by referring your friend to the FreeBitco.in website. You can also earn a free lottery ticket every time you wager a bet of 500 satoshis. Sounds easy? Indeed it is easy!

Start playing and start earning!